Sunday, September 11, 2022


Please stop and pause and remember this day of 21 years ago... 

2001 - The Mister and I were bringing groceries into our place in the SC campground where we spent every September and October. As I started putting things away, he turned on the TV and we were shocked to see an airplane crash into a tower with a great explosion. We didn't know what had happened until  further viewing with commentary explained the terrible news. Several days later there were items of commemorative clothing for sale at the camp store. We bought a T-shirt. 

Every year since, for the past 20 years, the Mister wore this shirt on 9-11. It was a single wearing and then treasured away until the next year.

Well, now he is gone, but the shirt was passed on to a special friend and neighbor who will keep our tradition. She wore it last year and this year I am comforted by her thoughtful wearing of it again.


  1. I imagine that all of us, who are old enough, can relate exactly when and how we heard this horrific news. Just as I can remember where and when I learned about the death of JFK and the burning of the space shuttle.

  2. I was walking outside to a meeting at IBM

  3. Remember about this shirt and your husband.

    I actually did not remember until reading a comment, on an IG I was reading, concerning the Queen and etc. This British woman left a lovely note, to readers in the US.

    First time I have not remembered, ahead of time.

    *Perhaps* I am getting old??????????