Saturday, September 24, 2022

C C Cold!

 I DO not like the weather turning so cold at this time. Not at ALL!

Onward.... The sun is shining and I'm seriously thinking of taking a buggy ride, but......

One of my blogging friends, a lady from AR who is a retired school teacher writes in her journal wonderful thoughts and she draws and colors accompanying art. Her entries are hand-written in unusual script which in itself, is lovely. Recently she was telling about the migration of birds and the time of the year — the Fall Equinox. Migration is in full swing in the hills of Arkansas where she lives farming, gardening, walking with Millie her dog, and she also photographs nature, sews, and sculpts! It is a wonderful blog to enter with anticipation of something special every time she posts. 

Today a hand drawn and painted picture she created showed the full moon and an Indian with a horse. I admit the horse is what got me started here today. You see, her drawing is the exact replica of a carved wooden horse's head that I have saved since I was a young teen. A boyfriend made it for me as a gift, even mounting it on a part of a clock!  Hopefully she will see this and chuckle at how her painting is my horsehead!

It seems that my surroundings contain a huge amount of wonderful memories!
Please tap image to view "Linda" better!


  1. Let's hope Mary visits!! What a sweet gift...and more a treasure today, than yesterday.

  2. Oh here I am, and loving every word and picture. Hey, that is my horse, for sure! I knew he looked a bit like a block of wood, but he was what he was, so I let him be. Actually, I love him and your horse too! I am glad you kept him all these years. I can imagine how proud that young boy was to give the prettiest girl in school that special gift. I feel humbled by your words about me, but I guess that pretty much sums me up. Turn about is fair play though, so don't be surprised if Gert/Nook shows up on my pages. :~) Connections More is one of my favorite places to visit.