Monday, September 19, 2022

There and Here

I bid my farewell to Queen Elizabeth II this morning. I admit to being emotional while watching the funeral procession on TV. I have always admired this lady in so many ways. 

Life goes on here across the pond. Remember the volunteer sunflower that grew in front of the cabin all summer? Well, here it is on August 19. 

I have never grown one before, but I do remember my dad bringing large heads home from farms he worked at when doing his milk testing job. They were very large and he showed us how to pull out a seed and crack it open and enjoy the insides! There were several dried heads in our garage and we kids sure ate many seeds. Now I know why the birds like them!

Yesterday I had the yard guy cut off the top of mine as it was really hanging its head low and leaning. Look!
Now it is indoors and resting until completely dry and then I'll attempt to remove seeds. I'll probably save a couple to plant next year.
please tap on image to see detail

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  1. Amazing sunflower!!! I too watched the entire queen's ceremonies.