Sunday, September 25, 2022

Autumn "Regulars"

Every year on the beachfront grass under the large pine tree I have found many mushrooms growing. Maybe they are appearing on a regular basis due to the underground tree roots that must be huge, though hidden. 

This morning a neighbor walked by with her beautiful young Portuguese Water Dog (puppy) and I asked her to please take a picture of this year's mushrooms as I know the lawn guy will mow them down in the afternoon.  I just really hesitate to ambulate down the incline to shoot them myself. 

The results are very nice and she even captured some of the little asters that always flower here in September.

I did go through my 2021 images and found that I didn't send my buggy (the old green one) out to storage until November 2 so I hope to be able to do the same this year with the newer one. That will give me one more month to ride about and find pretty.

Heat's on!


  1. And pretties you will find, no doubt. If I could only have a buggy to drive one month out of the year, it would be the month of October. I am so looking forward to the turning of the leaves. I love the little blue asters scattered about the mushrooms.

  2. thank you for thinking of me...