Thursday, September 22, 2022

The First Day of Autumn

I'm a bit late on the first day of Autumn as we lost power the first thing this morning and now I'm just getting to it at 2:30 PM.

So I kept busy as I opened the pods and saved the seeds. Now you know where they came from! I have taken photos of this little blue spruce for several years and the invasive plant is always there!

The little red berries came into my life when my boys were very small as they found them, bit into them, ended up going to the doctor and then having to eat bread dipped in milk to kill the burn on their tongues. Lesson learned the hard way.

A couple of years ago I discovered two plants and photographed them. They were on the side of the road hidden by other plant life.

I recognized them very well. Yesterday I looked and they were gone, BUT one cluster of seeds was there - all alone - I took it home. Now to find a special spot to plant. After research *here* I'll just toss them back to earth and let her do the job. 

*LINK* Propagating Jack


  1. Okay. There for a minute I thought you were telling me those were blue spruce seeds....I knew better growing up in Colorado. So, the seeds are from a sweet pea?

  2. Nature surely can pull some nasty little tricks on little boys. I can see why they were tempted to try these beautiful red berries.