Thursday, September 15, 2022


James is still here but really leaning and getting thinner. He is doing his best to glow in the Autumn chill today!

Everything in my life is aging. At least my new computer charger came in the mail today and I won't have to buy a new laptop yet! I did look at them and there is even a 16" model which I would very much love to have. I cannot justify that purchase now when the charger fixed my problem this time! Actually I live with a lot of old stuff. I'm very comfortable with old stuff! Comfort matters.


  1. Indeed. Happy is just that...and comfort is happy!! Still lovin' James.

  2. And,I love James too! The older I get the less I like change and feel comfortable surrounded by old things.

  3. James looks good with his fall colors. I don’t remember seeing him lean so much. Stand tall James!!!