Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Last Day of Summer

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn. Today I took a buggy ride on the last day of summer. I wore a jacket and enjoyed a couple of hours out there. This blog is mostly a picture book but be sure to investigate the last few shots! I was lucky and reaped a few 'treasures.' More about them sometime tomorrow.....

The end of the lake at the end of the season.
Yes the leaves are starting to change colors.
Goldenrod is everywhere.
It is maligned and often misunderstood.
It is not ragweed.
The calico asters share space.

And now for the day's DELIGHT! 
More about these tomorrow. 
Be sure to click on image to view larger!


  1. Oh yes, I enlarged them all and enjoyed them to the max! You surely captured the lake at its best. How beautiful! What a great way to kick off the new season here at Connections More!

  2. Those look very similar to vanilla beans.