Monday, October 3, 2022

Odds 'n Ends

It's catchup time. Yes, I have baked lately. Gave several away and froze the rest.

If you never flicked off the seeds of a sunflower, do it! Fun and easy. Gave me satisfaction! Stored in jar. Feed the birds? Nah, I'll let my daughter do that.
See the bowl? My Pot Guy, together with Candle Gal have made up more candles for autumn shows. He is now using a treadle wheel and making all kinds of cups, casserole dishes, pie plates, bowls with covers, tea cups and more. I might get me a casserole dish. (My collection of his art is growing!)
AND...Blow horn!!!!! My grandson's pumpkins, though not huge are nice ones and no rot on the bottoms. Soon they will be yard decorations. Here they were on their way to be weighed. One is 650 lbs. and the other is 580 lbs.
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  1. Wow those pumpkins!

  2. wow.... must have a lot of room, to grow them, that big!!!!

    🍁 🌻 🍂 🌰 🍂 🌻 🍁

  3. I love your pottery. And, want some brownies! I can't imagine a pumpkin that weighs over a half ton. Wow!