Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Early Morning Movement

As I was drinking coffee and watching the movement of the lake waters I saw activity on the bank. As far as I could see, there were 4 long bodied critters climbing the frosty bank and going across the road down into the area behind the dam. At first I just watched and my curiosity was fired up so I grabbed the camera, zoomed out to see better. I have determined that they were either muskrats or otters  but definitely not beaver. THEN! I saw another dark head moving but it never came totally out or went up the bank. I hope you can see the trail they made through the grass as they went up and over. I apologize for the images not being very clear but it really is a long way from the cabin to the area over there! I regret that I didn't capture the crossing activity. They looked to be having family fun.

? Image might be clearer if you enlarge
The next activity I saw was a loose dog. That wasn't interesting except it did cause me to wonder where it came from because all residents I see in this area walk theirs with leashes and pick up the droppings. Oh well.

It is our first frost. Dang! 


  1. How neat to be able to sit and watch all the fun from your window. Glad we don't have frost. But it IS chilly this morning. (For us)

    1. Ps...I saw your witchy profile today on babbling brook's blog. Sweet!!

  2. Lovely to have a "window on the world of nature".

    You really did have frost!!!!

    Hooray, you have a "Witchy" Icon!!!

    🎃 🍁 🍂 🎃