Thursday, May 16, 2019

Green Green Green!

It's time to plant my Portulaca and the Mother's Day Tuberous Begonia, even if it is going to rain more in the next days ahead.
I love the feel of the warm soil in my hands and never wear gloves. "Henry" my rooster is happy now.
The little colorful blossoms will soon bud and this tub will be a flashy, splashy and vibrant sight!
The Martha Washington Geranium now sports the trellis that the bully hummingbird loved as his lookout stand.
It is a painful process for me to wait for the daffodil leaves to die out and wither away before I can cut them off but it is a necessary process in order to have blossoms again next year. As you can see clearly, the Hosta and the Seedum plants are doing well in spite of being crowded.
 The sunshine brought out a daughter and her dog, a fisherman, and a sun bather!
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  1. Best time of year! For you at least. It's beginning to get too hot here by mid-afternoon.