Friday, May 24, 2019

Everything's Good in the Neighborhood

It never reached 60° but the sun was shining and it was a bright and breezy day. The first thing I saw was a weathervane at a neighbor's home. I never saw it before today.
Just down the road and around the corner the male Mallard had this little pond all to himself; a pretty boy to be sure. There must be good eatin's there because he did a lot of ducking!
I thought this little window was sweet! The old house at a neighboring lake was three stories high.
Evident were many wild phlox of all shades and the buttercups are popping up everywhere, along with ferns. 
Back home again just checkin' on the Mister's pink geranium. All is OK here.
I wasn't bold enough to take pictures of the many bleeding hearts, both pink and white in yards of homes nearby and I didn't want to trespass when no one was home. These are from a year ago.
please click on image to view larger
Look for the lily, iris and clovers which will be next to bloom - among others - in my neighborhood!


  1. this post Ms. G! Nature, pretty. All so lovely. And you said gardenia, but it looks like a geranium.

    Have a safe holiday weekend my friend.

    1. Thanks! Brain freeze I guess! I do know the difference!