Thursday, May 2, 2019

Still Goin' Perfectly

Last night we had waffles with real maple syrup for supper. The batch I always make is enough for the Mister to have 4 of these squares and two for me. As you can see, my appliance only makes 2 at a time. That is just FINE because they always come out perfectly!
I used the socket on the light over the kitchen sink and made them on the drainboard this time. There was no overflow and no cleanup but I was prepared.
I would hate to tell you how many waffle makers I have thrown away in frustration because the waffles always stuck and were destroyed when I tried to pry them from the grid. My guess is about 4! Yes, really! When I finally found one that didn't make them stick, I have used it for many years. I do keep instruction booklets and receipts and found that this GE Removable Grid Waffle/Sandwich Griddle Maker was purchased at Walmart April 18, 2002! Cost was $29.87 + tax. Got my money's worth there! (I don't ever use the sandwich grids.)
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