Sunday, May 12, 2019

It's THAT Kind of Day

The rain is coming down very heavy, the winds are blowing and sitting in, watching the hummingbirds through the window, is what I'm doing. There is one little guy that sits and drinks from the feeder and then flies to the plant trellis below the feeder to sleep; back and forth, over and over again. Yes he does this constantly - naps! Sometimes his little head droops off to the side, but mostly he looks for "enemies' to attack him. This has gone on for the past four hours! He owns this feeder and trellis! Others fly in but are chased away immediately and his territory is secured again! 

The phone calls and e-messages have already been received and I'm having a very nice Mother's Day, even if it is 39° and wet. I wish ALL of you "out there" to have a nice day too. 
please click on image to view larger
NOTE: each image was a separate landing!


  1. Sweet hummer! Great photos.

    Hope your Mother's Day has been terrific so far.

  2. Very chilly indeed !
    Nice visit from daughter and granddaughter on Mother's Day 😍