Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Dry Day!

We took a ride to our favorite farm market that just opened for the season. They have drastically changed the interior and it was a pleasure to visit. A couple of small flowering plants came home with us plus some home-baked cinnamon rolls. One of our more local garden centers was busy but I was able to find some tiny portulaca plants and picked up four containers of them. It will be nice to see what colors they will produce. Link below if you would like to read about them in a past post.

The lawn has been mowed and weed whacked twice and is looking very green. It has rained way too much this year so it is difficult for our guy to get it done between weather and his family responsibilities. He and his wife are both local full-time school teachers along with having a growing active young family.  We aren't the only folks having him doing work.  Oh to be young again with such stamina and fortitude. I notice that the Lily of the Valley are going to be blooming soon. We have thousands of them around the cabin porch and all around a tree on the beachfront. Ah! Sweetness!!!!

Below are a couple of recent photos of our twin Great Grandsons who now have reached 3 months. They are thriving very well and growing just fine.
please click on image to view precious babies closer