Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Portulaca Grandiflora

I never heard them called Moss Roses but Hootin' Anni brought it to my attention and, sure enough that is another name for them. Rose Moss is another. 

Now I wish I had a large spot to plant them in the ground. I would have a huge flowerbed FULL of these beauties. They are POWERFUL! - and come in a gorgeous array of colors.
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They are also called Table Rose and are widely considered to be an edible plant! In some areas they are thought of as an invasive type of weed. Some weed, eh? It is also known as Sun Plant because it needs sunlight for the blossoms to open.

It was suggested to me that I don't fertilize them as it could only produce more leaves than blossoms and might even kill them.  OK I won't. I can't detect any fragrance but the colors overcome that lack.

One more thing, they can be toxic to cats and dogs if swallowed.


  1. They would be nice to plant along an enbankment.

  2. Yes, yes!! I THOUGHT they looked like moss rose. I only knew these beauties by that name. My MIL had them around her house foundation and around the base of trees...of course they got a lot of sunlight and yet lots of shade when the sun was directly overhead from the tree canopy.

    Beautiful Ms. G