Friday, May 5, 2017


After looking through some of my photos from the past few years these struck me because I was able to walk about then. They are from "up the road" and I remember ducking the bees around the Rose of Sharon bush. They are actually hibiscus and not really a rose. The Black Eyed Susans are one of my very favorites. They, of course are from the sunflower family and who doesn't love yellow? So here I am, looking out of the cabin windows at pouring down rain and gusty wind and not a flower in sight. Even the daffodils have expended their energy and droop and look awful hanging their heads. So... I gave myself a dose of pretty and feel better now.
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  1. Those were all wonderful shots! You have a good eye. How's the other one? Only kidding!

  2. And....what a true dose of pretty indeed!

    I'll take some of your rain.