Monday, May 8, 2017

Change and Same

Hootin' Anni, a blogger in Texas, posted a sketch of a fox. She really is a talented sketch artist, among her other areas of expertise. Her sketch is copyrighted so I can't show it here but I thought I'd make one too. This is a sketch that I made of "Wolfie" my friend's pet. This is how she describes him: "Oh, that face, oh those eyes! That he is loved is no surprise! Wolfie is our Pomeranian prize!"

Of course I made my sketch with photomanipulation. I first erased the background of the original photo and then changed the color image to black and white. The end result is what I made to be my sketch.
 I only ever sketched once and it was a drawing of my grandmother sitting in her rocking chair. I just don't ever really sketch. BUT - this one and only sketch documents the old lamp that is in the cabin living room!
click on image to view larger

Anni's site if you wish to see Anni's REAL fox sketch go here:


  1. So cute, it looks like a teddy bear dog.

  2. My goodness!!! I truly [I really do!] LOVE your sketch of your grandmother. That is awesome.

    And I enjoyed the manipulations of your friend's Pomeranian. Adorable....great job.

    1. Thank you Anni. I was only 11 when I drew her. My mother kept it for me. It looks JUST like her.