Friday, May 12, 2017


A large limb fell on my clothesline last week and the tightener burst apart! Thank goodness the line itself didn't fall off from the pulley on the tree. If you have followed my stories, you will know that replacing the clothesline and the tightener is a major work for us; that is because the pulley is so high in the tree and we don't climb ladders anymore. We had to hang on to both ends so the rope doesn't come off of the pulley when replacing the tightener. The rope we use is window sash rope and it is very thick and strong but it gives us a hard time going into the tightener that has 3 ball bearings that separate to make an opening for the rope when the tube is pulled outward. 

Just go to a *previous story of only 6 months ago! Today we only had to replace the tightener but it still took all morning. Now I have to replace the broken spreaders. They are costly!
How lucky I am that my laundry can be hung out to dry and come in smelling like fresh air and sunshine!


  1. I love hanging out clothes and I have a pulley line also but not quite as high. Happy Mothers Day have a wonderful weekend

  2. I don't have a clothesline option but I suppose I could have worse problems. Oh yeah I do!