Monday, May 22, 2017

Flowers Doing Well...

My few flowers are really doing well. The Fuchsia had endured very cool nights and very windy conditions. What amazes me is that it needs to be watered almost every day and not just a dribble, either! 
The Martha Washington Geraniums seem to be happy in their new pot. 
Best of all the Portulaca are amazing and REALLY doing well. If I were younger, I would have a garden FULL of them!
  I picked a few of the annual Lily of the Valley flowers.  They were my mother's very favorite flower and fragrance. They grow here still - in the old flower beds surrounding the cabin front porch. She said it was her father's favorite flower.

Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and humility and “You’ve Made My Life Complete” is the hidden message connected to the flower.

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  1. that another name for moss rose? It looks like moss rose. Beautiful fuschia