Saturday, August 27, 2022

A Very Good Day

It started off with my neighbor helping me - again!  Last week she removed the foam bed topper and mattress pad from the double bed. They went into a trash bag because it was way too soft for me to use. Today she put the new mattress pad on AFTER flipping and turning the mattress. I was no help at all. Then a sheet and I'm going to try it out tonight!

I decided to take a buggy ride and was hoping it wouldn't rain. The clouds were large and black when I started.

On my ride I 'saved' a 5" turtle that was in the middle of the road at the neighboring lake. I put it in the buggy basket and brought it home to make positive identification. I have just started learning the difference of two species of lake turtles here and didn't want to put it in my lake if it was of the invasive species.
I took photos but the stinker wouldn't stretch out its neck very far. However, I'm sure it is a painted turtle and I let it go. The following images are mine.
Internet photos next of Painted
Internet photos next of Red Eared Slider
tap on image to view larger
Then I used my stretchy new hose for the first time to spray off the dust on Buggy. I tried to remember what to turn on for water to flow and how to use it and then how to put it away. I dun gooood!

The postal carrier dropped off a special gift at my door while I was out riding. It was a box full of skin care goodies from a dear beach friend. Her mother just reached age 96 and I wanted to know her secrets. I anticipate using these very special items! More about them later.


  1. Great find with that beautiful turtle!! And, I look forward to hearing about the skin-care package.