Sunday, August 28, 2022

Care Package

"Those who truly love you will empower you"

Here goes - New things to try, VERY new to me! My friend, who lives about 100 miles away from me has been a great support when it comes to my comfort. She is a retired RN and has tons of experience and know how.  When I had a foot issue return after many years and was at the campground in SC, she gave me a back roller and showed me how to use it for my nasty recurring plantar fasciitis. To this day it is on the floor under the table where I usually sit and I roll that foot over it many times as a normal daily procedure.

When she posted a picture of her mother's 96th birthday I just knew she would give me some tips of how her mother keeps her skin and self so well. I asked and boy did I get answers! In the mail. A box of potions and lotions so to speak.

The first was this!

Beekman 1802 - Pure whipped body cream - goat milk body moisturizer for dry skin. Daily intense hydration body butter, rich with vitamin E, mango seed, and coconut oil. 8 oz. It melts in for long-lasting hydration and smooth skin, without feeling greasy. Fragrance-free and good for sensitive skin. Use for entire body. source-internet

The next gift was this!

Argon Oil is nature's richest source of all three essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9), which are known to counter the loss of firmness and help boost the appearance of skin's elasticity. source-internet

Also included were more of these.
She gave me one a while back, but it seemed to warm up too fast so now I have backups! Easy!

I am already experiencing the effects of the body cream and the argon oil. If I had started using these about 50 years ago I would be without a single body wrinkle and have no turkey neck either. The best part is that I feel the love that was sent with the products and actually feel the difference of my skin already! It's a win-win.
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  1. How wonderful she sent you all this!! And I love the fact it's fragrance free.