Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Done Dock

This morning the loose dock was carried away from the concrete spillway and was moving along the water's edge. Well, after lunch, I looked out to see it right against mine and now had to get it tethered so it wouldn't dislodge mine or we would have two runaways. I called a couple of neighbors and two came right away. While they worked, their dogs had a great playtime of romping and chasing. The rope that was on top of the "traveler" was long enough to tie it up to the "woodpecker tree".

You may wonder why it is called the woodpecker tree? First of all it was already there in 1961 when the property was first purchased. Woodpeckers continually used it through the years. My dad filled the numerous holes with cement! The first photo here is my firstborn daughter (age today 66) holding her little sister (age today 55.) The other little lady is my middle daughter (age today 62.) The tree was used as a backdrop for many pictures taken by my mother. I hope it lasts another 60 years! Lily of the Valley covers the ground around this tree and now the red squirrels live in new holes. That tree could tell tales - I know it!


  1. Hopefully the owners will come claim the traveling dock. Those precious girls! What fun they must have had there on the lake.