Friday, October 1, 2021


Today would be my Mother's 107th birthday. She died in 2005. I miss her. She was born when her mother was age 40. She never had brothers or sisters.

Momma's Near  ~July 31, 2009 GMR~

Momma's on my shelf
Because I put her there.
It was four years ago
She doesn't have a care.

She's close to me nearby
She doesn't rest alone.
She watches over me
As she has always done.

Her time was filled with joy
Her time endured some pain.
Her love of God was strong
On my shelf she shall remain.



  1. Sweet old photo and tribute to your Mama...

    Yayyyyy Ocotober!
    🎃 😊 🏈 😊 🎃

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  3. Ms.G...this is a beautiful post. Both words and your mother.

  4. Lovely poem & picture of your Mother!

  5. Very nice tribute and poem! My mother had me when she was 40 and my sister at age 42. I am happy to say she is still among the living and I am happy to spend time with her.