Sunday, October 24, 2021

Bowl Update

I received a couple of photos via FB messenger today and want to share how the bowls fit right into another environment. The the biggest surprise though, was the red and white checkered drapes! Who knew we both have an affinity for this pattern! It really surprised me. The bowls made themselves right at home there and look better than ever. 

In the meantime, I soon realized that I have two Keller's advertisement ironstone butter dishes. I use them every day.
After a little research, I learned that they are vintage 1960's! I do remember getting two so when one was empty the other was ready to go! Stuff around here is really aging as am I....
tap on image to view larger 


  1. Very nice! I love how the bowls are hung on the wall and the old time look and feel they give. I have been thinking farmhouse style for the last month or so.

  2. Very charming!!
    Liking the vintage butter dish too.

  3. They do look pretty in her kitchen!

    These old things are valuable! Just like us!!!!!