Wednesday, October 6, 2021


I got four more 1/2 gallons of the wonderful cider from Jayne's Orchard this morning and now I'm set until next year. Just topped them off and, after they freeze, will re-cap and move them to the big freezer.  A friend generously took me to the orchard in the past and I got four 1/2 gallons then. Today a different friend took me there and she had a great time playing with the dogs. How could I not go for freshly picked and sorted apples? They are extra large this year! 

1/2 Peck Cortlands
1/2 Peck Macouns
Click on image to view LARGER!
The link below is to the Orchard's Facebook page.


  1. They all look great! The apples look beautiful in the bowl! It's always great to see the pots being used by folks. Hope you can get some great dishes from them all! Apple crisp maybe? This made my day!

  2. What a 'haul'!!!!!

    Wonderful to be set, before the snow flies!

    We have to go over to the Apple Farm.

    🎃 😊 🍁 🌰 🌻 🍂 🎃

  3. Beautiful! You have wonderful friends!

  4. Yum. They look so fresh, shinny, & delicious.

  5. There's nothing better for a winter treat than something apple. Of course, you couldn't miss this opportunity!