Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Change Ahead

Well I've decided to bite the bullet and have my hair cut short. It hasn't been trimmed or touched by a hairdresser for over 3 years. I simply cannot manage this fluffy wild straight and thinning mane another week!

In the past (about 30 years ago) I had a wonderful gal who worked as a hairdresser on the lower level of her home and she really had a knack for making my hair go into nice natural waves and shapes. She used a razor for layering. It was neat because her newest family addition came along and was placed in a carrier near the chair when her mom worked in the shop. I have just re-connected with her!

When we went to our SC place for so many years, I found another lady who was talented and comparable to my PA woman. It was a really lucky choice and I always felt secure and safe with her, again cutting and shaping and layering with a razor!

The local hairdresser of so many years ago, now goes to homes for the homebound people and is coming here. We have set a date and time. We have re-connected. I am excited, can you tell? 

Today (2021) it looks like it did in 2012 only much thinner and straighter.
The time has come! 


  1. In my opinion our hair color ONLY looks good short/pixie. But that's my opinion. And I love the feather look the hair stylists accomplish with razors!! Need an after picture now.

  2. How lucky you are to have someone who comes to your home!

    And also how lucky you are, to have hair, with a razor cut, can give such a lovely look.



  3. Very nice! Hope your new style work out for you! I need a cut myself!