Thursday, October 14, 2021

This and That

Marinated salmon filets for dinner last night! With sautéed brussels sprouts too! Yum!

This morning I cut up the three very large remaining Cortland apples into chunks and bagged them in a gallon bag for the freezer. They will be used later on in the season for a pie or apple crisp . The owner at the orchard says she does this often and they will be just perfect after thawing for the bake. 

I had to put the Macoun apples in the refrigerator as the weather is too warm for them to keep well. I eat one a day!

Oh! and I made another spooky creation.
please tap on image to view larger


  1. Your salmon & sprouts sounds fantastic!! Love the Halloween gore!

  2. Dear NOOKWORM,

    I just published a comment, on my own blog, on "Preppers" post.

    Trying to explain what I was doing, in that post. That I didn't see it, as a Doomsday post. -smile-

    And woooo-hoooo!!! I remembered how to do a click-able link, to my post!!!! The Old Gal still has some brain cells left, after allllll! It's been so long, since I have remembered the "Magic way," to do click-able links. lol


  3. And I thought I commented on this post, before.

    "Food looks delicious..."

    "How did you do the art?"

    Hmmmmm... Didn't I?

    Oh mercy, guess The Old Gal is still losing brain cells, after all. LOLLLLLLLL


  4. Keepin' busy here too. Doug had a total left knee replacement on Oct 6th. He's doing well but every day is pretty busy right now.
    Blessings on you 🙏❤

  5. The dishes look great! Love the spookey pics!