Saturday, October 23, 2021

Interior Decoration

They hung on the wall above the stove since 1997 when we moved from the big house into the cabin. That is 24 years! I had purchased the set of four in 1996 and they came with a certificate of authenticity. Ever since Kellogg's was available it has been a family breakfast cereal and I just had to have them!

There was a time several years back when I was sharing Shutterfly pictures of my "treasured vintage" items to a family member and she said she loved these bowls. She, who I have known practically since the day she was born, came to visit me last week and went home with them. She had no idea that they were hers ever since her remark years ago. 

The blank wall called to me for several days afterwards. "Put something here! I am feeling naked!" Then I remembered a set of mugs I had made of my photo images of things I have baked and cooked. Each cup has 3 different pictures! I liked the red and white pattern, but they have been hidden in the cupboard since 2013. Out they came and up they went! All is well. Everybody is happy. (If you noticed, two are a bit different. They were "freebies" because the pattern didn't go all the way up and I fussed.)
By the way, I cleaned my cupboards and rearranged things in there; almost forgot what was up on the top shelf! A couple of surprises!
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  1. I bet she was thrilled!!!
    I think I like the cups better on the wall.

  2. How nice to have given those plates to someone, who admired them!!!!!

    And your cups are so cute, in their place.

    Winners, both of you!


  3. The cups are perfect for that space. I love the red against the cabin wall.

  4. What a nice thing to do, and I love the new mugs where the bowls used to be. It fills in the spot nice with color and even has a holiday feel to it a bit I think!