Thursday, October 21, 2021


Nope! Not hunting for worms! Actually I thought I'd try to capture the Hunter's moon last night at 6:30 pm when I first saw it through the dining room window - it beckoned me to give a try at a capture. I didn't bother to set up a tripod and just went out there, camera in hand.

Hunter's Moon signals the time to hunting in preparation for cold winter months ahead. Yes, I'm resigned to the fact that winter is coming. I've been trying to prepare in my own way.

It was really dark out there and the car was gone and I soon realized that I always used it to guide me from the side door to the corner of the cabin. Believe me, I was VERY careful! Two shots and back in safe. Yay! It was REALLY dark out there!

My results are not spectacular but I did it! Can you tell where the sky ends and the lake begins? I cannot!

For a closer look, tap image.


  1. Wow!! Impressive beauty.
    Ya, I use familiar objects in the dark for guidance too.

  2. Nice pictures! And, while you were out there in the dark, did you see Jupiter near to the moon? I can’t see the dividing line between the sky and lake, but I know it’s there because of the reflection.

  3. GORGEOUS!!!!



    How lucky to always see the full moon, rise over a body of water. Soooooo lucky!

    Glad you were very careful though.


  4. Very nice! I got to see it the very same night as I was out firing kilns. It was a little cold but not terrible. I think I may need to build a wood fire soon in the big stove. Love the wolf photo edits!