Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Hub

Yes, the "Hub" is my kitchen/dining room, especially the table and countertops. Everything is neat and organized but everything you see is exactly the way we live.
By the way, dinner was Progresso Italian Style Wedding soup with Earl of Sandwich Marble Rye bread covered with onion and chive cream cheese spread.
Today was laundry day and I have more to put away. I'm halfway through this operation! Normally I would fold right there in the laundromat but not at this time. My counter has to be cleared before I can make lunch. This project is done in bits and breaks as it tires me and I have to sit down between steps.

Thank goodness we seem to be well and are taking it one day at a time here in Cabin Tranquillity.
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  1. I love the homey look of your home! Comfort. Lunch sounds good to me (I buy Progresso brand also).

  2. So warm and comfortable 😘😘