Friday, April 10, 2020


I gave up waiting for Mother Nature to open my daffodils so I cut a bud and stem and brought one in yesterday. TODAY - I have a perky flower and it really makes me feel good. The ones outdoors in front still haven't bloomed but the buds are becoming larger. It was actually snowing a bit this morning and the temp was 32° at 8AM so this must be a lesson in patience. (The leaves behind are a tuberous begonia that I started from a cutting last autumn.) 
please click on image to view larger
The clusters of daffodils that live up in the old rock garden still haven't bloomed but their many buds promise lots of yellow beauty soon. They are precious to me and are a symbol of renewal.


  1. How pretty. My mom had begonias in a window box above the kitchen sink (you stirred up memories)