Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Persistence Prevails

Our library gives readers the option of borrowing soft-cover books and keeping then as long as it is necessary to read them before returning. There is no check out or date stamping. There is a yellow sticker on the cover with the reminder to return. I like this option. Before the "stay at home" time came, I had about 6 of these. The last one I have just completed and it was a test of patience and determination. You see, I like Tami Hoag mysteries and this particular book was my last until running out of my loaners. I had saved it especially, believing it to be the best of all - I thought! The problem? I have never encountered a book that had to be forced open at every single page at the turning of each. It was bound at the spine so tightly that I had to fight to see the right side of the left page and the left side of the right page. Do you follow me? FINALLY I completed the book but I will tell you that if it were my own, I would have trashed it after the first few pages. I completed this good read, "The Boy" because the story had captured my interest in those first few pages. It is going to be returned with a note and a suggestion that newer/unread books need to be checked for ease of reader comfort!

The photos below is how it ended up after I read it. It doesn't lay nicely flat either!
please click on image to view larger


  1. I like Tami Hoag mysteries...haven't read one in ages, though. This is ridiculous...I wonder if the library will even keep it after they see it.