Monday, April 6, 2020

Dough Clay Recipes

All four of my young great nieces and nephews, who live in Philadelphia,  made some dough clay Easter eggs recently. When I saw the photos I remembered making about 30 or more 4-H Leader Wildlife Retreat pins with names in the shape of owls. This was over 30 years ago but I remember them clearly. Since then I  have made bead necklaces and Christmas hanging decorations as well, using dough clay, but not for a long time.
I was inspired to find my recipe. Wouldn't you know that I did, BUT there were 4 DIFFERENT ones. Now I'm in a quandary. I don't remember which was easiest or didn't make a big mess! A little input from you, my readers might help. Listed below are the 4. Do YOU have a better "tested" one?
Craft dough 1

2C Arm & Hammer baking soda (1 lb. pack)
1 C cornstarch
1 1/4 C cold water

Stir and cook over medium heat
Stir well until smooth

Turn out on a plate and cover with a damp cloth

Create something flat

After creating name tags or something similar, bake 15 minutes at 350°
Craft Dough #2

3/4 C pickling salt
2 C flour

Pour salt into mixing bowl

Add 1 C  boiling water

Allow mixture to cool

Mix in flour. Knead until smooth.

Make item and bake 325° about 2 hrs, until light brown

Cool and paint
Craft Dough #3

1 1/2 C flour
1/2 C salt
1/2 C water
1/4 C vegetable oil

Create item and bake
Craft Dough #4

Best for beads

3/4 C flour
1/2 C salt
1/2 C cornstarch

Miix - gradually add warm water.
Stir water into mixture until it clumps
Knead until surface is smooth
Make beads
Pierce with toothpicks
Air dry
Leave toothpicks in and only remove when beads are hard and dry.
Decorate with paint, etc.
Good to use a craft sealant after painting
String on yarn or leather

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  1. I remember these from yesteryear. But, I don't recall baking them in the was a school project. For Christmas tree ornaments.