Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Last week I roasted one of the two turkey breasts and had saved some of the meat for salads and soup. I've decided to wait to make my soup after I roast the remaining breast.  Then I'll have two batches of bones for creating my soup stock. 

The grinding of the meat is a two-person job. That is because I use my antique Gem. The food processor makes the meat too fine for our liking. 
Vintage Meat Grinder
Gem Food Chopper 20
Sargent & Co.
Patented Apr.25 1899
comes with 5 cutters
Made by Sargent & Co. (on Handle)
First we remove the tempered glass countertop piece that is there to protect the old wooden counter. Then a potholder is bent over the edge of the counter and the grinder is clamped on tightly. A flat dish catches the grindings as the Mister cranks the handle. I feed the pieces into the top. I transfer the meat from the flat dish as it accumulates, into a larger bowl and we continue the process until finished. Then I bag and freeze some and make the rest into salad for sandwich spread. 

The implement is washed with very hot water and set out to air-dry. (Never soaked and no soap is used. It's the "old way.") 

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  1. I have my mom's old meat grinder. Somewhere. But, I don't think it has different disks. It's been decades since it's been packed away. These days I use the "chop" setting on the food processor.

    Turkey salad sounds very good.