Saturday, April 25, 2020


Last year in early May I purchased a red tuberous begonia plant at our farm market and "Henry" nurtured it to become a real beauty. He just loves taking care of his foster flowers. His most appreciative one was the Martha Washington Geranium way back June  2016. See below.
Well then last year, the red begonia became our favorite. It loved living here, but autumn soon prevailed and I had an idea.
May 16, 2019 purchased
 August 12, 2019 
September 7, 2019
I nipped one of the leaves off at the stem and brought it inside. I  put it in a glass of water and set it in the window. This was just before our first frost.  It grew roots. It grew tall, and it grew more leaves. It grew too tall! I finally cut it down in February 2020 and put the remaining top section back into a glass of water. It again grew roots. 
On April 3, 2020 I planted it into a clay pot and.........  hold your breath.........  I SEE A BUD forming!!!!
Remember this is a TUBEROUS begonia. One year I tried to save the tubers in a brown paper bag with an anti-fungus powder but they just shriveled up and turned black. 

Henry will be so happy!  Story to be continued at a later date.
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