Tuesday, August 11, 2015

White Tail, Red Tomatoes

HA! I'll bet you thought you'd see a deer.

I watched this little fella hopping and pecking for a long time before getting the camera. I have NEVER seen this bird before. When I tried to research to determine what species it was, I only really came upon one site that gave good information.  See link below. I guess he is just a common, (but uncommon) Junco!
Yes, I know my pictures aren't great.
It sure waved its white tail up and down all the time.
Peck! Peck!
 Interesting Information Here

"Someone" forgot to pluck off the extra blossoms on one of these!
Right front tomato already eaten. 
Our daughter sent these to us. She said it was way too rainy and wet this year for them to do well. There are many but they are all small. My sandwich was WONDERFUL!!!!!

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  1. I thought Junco was one of the Marx Brothers.
    I remember the spaghetti sauce my mother made from our garden tomatoes. It just doesn't taste any better.