Monday, August 3, 2015

Lucky in Repairs

The local Electrician/Plumber/Heating fellow came this morning. He found that the old junction box that was under the sink was the problem. Wires inside that box had shorted and caused the circuit breaker to go off. It lasted 55 years before this happened. 

Yippee! It is fixed. We again have hot water. 
The car window will be replaced tomorrow, right in our front yard! It cannot be repaired because of the two elongated cracks. Replacement will be C.O.D. and will cost less than our insurance deductible. If it could have been repaired, the insurance would have wavered all costs. The best part is that it will be fixed in a very timely manner. 

The dog peed on the rug this morning when there was so much noise and activity. I'm counting that as #3 so all worries are over - for now.

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  1. Are things happening to you in 3s? If so, dog pee counts! LOL I'm happy to hear the hot water issue is resolved. I have a crack in my front windshield that I need to check into. But I know as soon as it's fixed, I'll get another one. Hard to avoid around here. :/

  2. Were you just taking a picture of that guys butt?
    I also hate when there's noise and activity.