Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fog and Fungus?

Saturated Air - Also known as FOG!
Spider webs on grass that is damp with morning dew may be a symptom of a bigger problem called dollar spot fungus. The branching mycelium of dollar spot fungus looks like spider webs or cobwebs on morning grass, but unlike spider webs, dollar spot mycelium disappears when the dew dries.
Beachfront Fungus! (maybe)
If you see webs on lawn grass despite proper lawn maintenance and without the characteristic brown spots, it might be grass spiders. The spiders like to hide in a part of the web sheltered by fallen leaves, rocks or debris. They quickly run to another part of the web when disturbed, and they can deliver a painful, but otherwise harmless, bite.
Grass spiders are beneficial because they catch and eat insects that feed on lawn grass.
(well I did not see any spiders and that's a good thing because I was barefooted!)


  1. Once again nice pics and I have seen those webs on the grass or was I on the grass?

  2. Interesting bit on the spiders.
    LOVE the fog!!

    1. Love your anniversary post below also. And James all decked out for celebration. New profile? Is that you?