Friday, August 7, 2015

Repair and Replace

The old catch drain has totally worn out so the handyman has come to give it a complete overhaul! Yeah for young men who do this work for older people. He is a wonderful fellow and works very hard, charging fairly. 

We need this basin for the gutter to empty its contents when it rains. A down-pipe isn't used because of winter icing. The rain water is taken through this pipe and led to the main drain at the roadside. We think that one leads into the lake. 

I didn't take a "before" picture, but believe me it was a hazard, all out of whack, and a dangerous place to walk through and over. Only my long-gone "Putter-Pop" would know what year he built it!
The grate will be put in place after the concrete has cured. There is a new "Putter-Pop" in the making! 
He had to add some topping wedge so the drop off on the upper slope wouldn't trip anyone.

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  1. I had a drain in my car repaired this week. Drains! Where would we be without them?