Sunday, August 2, 2015

That's Life!

Oh my! We have just moved into August and have two new challenges. Yesterday, as I was making the last of my 150 floral photo cards in my back room, I heard a loud - did I say LOUD?  B A N G! I thought a tree fell on the cabin. Because I had a pie in the oven I also thought it had blown up because it was in a glass dish. After exclaiming, "What was THAT!" The Mister was already up and out of his lounge chair looking out the windows.

The pie was still baking. He checked the circuit box and saw that the breaker to the hot water heater was in the "off" position. He switched it to "on" and it broke again. No loud bang this time. The hot water heater has shorted out, is our best guess. Not knowing whether to call the plumber or an electrician for the problem I tried our regular plumber. HE was in Connecticut for a family event. I then called the fellow who hooked it up in the first place in 2004. We had purchased it in SC and hauled it to PA because it was just the exact size and type that was in the same location for at least 45 years earlier. My dad bought the first one used and it really lasted. The fellow we had install it was just starting his business in 2004 and I knew his mother from Horse Club so we hired him. Now he has had 11 years experience and advertises as Plumbing and Electrical Service. He's coming Monday to see what can be done.
The hot water heater is a well-used counter top too.
We will be out of hot water for 3 days - that we know of. Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Ok. It's "doable." (I already had washed up all dishes and pie making tools and utensils before the big bang.)

THEN~~~This morning as I was traveling home from the laundromat with a load of sheets to hang out on this beautiful day, a large truck coming the other way passed me and PLING! CRACK! My windshield was hit with something, and I strongly suspect it was a rock. Startled me and he was long gone as soon as I realized what had just happened. There will be a call to the Insurance Agent the first thing in the morning.
Outside view
Inside view
Needless to say, it is a beautiful day and my laundry in waving in the breeze. The younger set are enjoying the lake and paddling by, all with smiles.

Do things really happen in 3's????????


  1. Ironically, this morning I was reading a lot of interesting facts in history about the number 3. Hope your 'bad' things have stopped. We had the very same thing happen on our windshield....a tiny rock off the highway from a passing semi. We had it fixed with superglue...the glue goes down the crack from the hole in the glass and solidifies...good as new. $15.00.

    Enjoy that pie!!!

  2. oh, dear! hoping #3 is an easier one.

  3. Funny I always think of a hot water heater as this large tubular thing in the basement. To me yours looks like a small cabinet with a very strange door in the front.
    Yup I had that happen to my windshield once years ago.
    I love where you live.