Friday, August 28, 2015


I simply cannot let a year go by without posting a photo of my laundry hanging out. It is something that I love to do - yes - really! That is because I get a wonderful sense of accomplishment every time I complete this "chore." I think it must be due to having to carry it out it all through my young years with six children and by always helping my mother doing it before then. I know all the tricks about laundry, to be sure. There is NOTHING...I repeat NOTHING like bringing clothes in from the line that feel so clean and smell so good!

In the 80's I completed it even when I only had one hand operational. I used my teeth. Now I pull it off it by returning from town with it all washed at the laundromat and then by putting the basket on the lawn chair by the carport pillar and using a step stool to reach the line. It is my achievement of the day.

I don't care whether people see what we wear. I just let it all hang out - literally.

 On a bittersweet note, the summer is ending. My beautiful Seedum are turning pink. They will be maroon before long.


  1. i helped my mother hang out the wash every saturday morning. :)

  2. Yeah summer is winding down here as well except it looks like we will have a warm September.
    Aren't digital camera's great!

  3. I used to like to hang laundry until I brought in a couple of bees with it. Now I just love the dryer.