Monday, August 10, 2015

The Bikers

Unexpected - Uninvited - Welcomed.

It sure is nice to have clean windows through which to take pictures! 

They were not local fellows. They were not kids, either.  They were caught in a downpour. Those bikes don't have fenders! One rider was more adventurous than the others and went swimming. We sat at our dining room table and watched them park, remove helmets, rest, and then one took off most of his outfit, walked down the grassy bank and dove right in! 

The Mister did finally go out and asked that they not use the dock as it needs repair. Meanwhile, back at the ranch the Missus took pictures from inside the cabin.

Why they thought it was OK to park under the large spruce and go swimming without asking permission we don't know. They must have been overwhelmed by the beauty and temptation of our lake environment. After all, they are "outsiders." We'll just give them the benefit of the doubt, though they sure were nervy!

One to get ready...
Two to get set...
And three to GO! 
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  1. What a view you have! OMGosh. Wasn't it nice to see them enjoying the lake? You managed some fun, spontaneous shots.

  2. Oh! Those kind of bikers!
    If it had been motorcycle bikers they would have probably been more polite.
    I see plenty of those types around here. I don't know if your aware of the fact that they are an entitled group. They'll tell you they are. It must be quite a burden to be superior.
    Good shots.

  3. This is your PRIVATE property? Hmmmm, the nerve. People now-a-days.

    I too thought it was motorcycle 'bikers' I LOVED reading BostonBoy's comments as I typed. I agree with him.

    And as for the deer I saw Sunday on our birding trek. It WAS a sight to behold for this city gal....don't see them often where I live.