Monday, August 17, 2015


After several suggestions, and not only from my blogging friends, to bring my cell phone along with me when I take a walk...well it won't happen. I will not be encumbered with a phone! I grew up without one in my pocket and I'll continue to be obstinate about it. I absolutely HATE it when I see people in the grocery store using the phone as they go along with their cart. What the heck is so important that you have to be on a phone ALL the time? I just don't get it. AND don't get me started about driving and texting......Makes me sick! SICK!

Yes, I know you would say it is sensible to carry one in case I fell and couldn't get up - or what if a bear appeared? Ha! I'd much rather feel free - of all the extra stuff of today. I've done my job, and brought up my kids to the best of my ability without any of us carrying a phone. I have friends. Once in a while we talk on our phones. I'd much rather communicate in person or through the e-mail system and internet.

Told you I am rebellious and will be until my end. In the meantime, no phone in my pocket when I go for a stroll. NO! Thank goodness there is no law that I have to carry one. I would be a criminal for sure.

Yes, I have one - for when I travel so I can easily call AAA in case of a breakdown or flat tire. My phone cost $12.99 and I got 400 minutes to use within 14 months all for $99.99. I will NEVER use even half of those minutes, but I will be safe on the road. I don't care one click about having a status symbol in my pocket. My phone isn't sparkly, or pink or silver. It's black. Plain black and no case. So, I'm up-to-date and not out of touch with the real world, am I? I even know my number so I can call me. And sometimes I don't answer the house landline. Why? Just because I don't feel like talking.


  1. It's funny....not really, but still funny. These days Bud and I if we forget to bring our phones with us, we turn around and go back for them. Of course we have NO LANDLINE phones. Had 'em all disconnected years ago. And I too don't answer the phone each time it rings. I have certain ringtones set up on my cellphone...if I know the ringtone is one of family...I will answer it. Otherwise, no answering the dang thing.

    I say...good for you! "Stick to your guns!"

  2. I have a cheap cell phone that I do carry with me but only have given the number to my sisters and Arlene. I'm with you concerning all these people yapping and texting all the time. I have seen people walk into traffic because they're transfixed by the little screen. Personally I think they're all a bunch of self centered twits.