Friday, August 14, 2015

Country Road Treat

Have you ever wanted to go for a short ride on a country road just to view the fields? Well we did this morning. Really! I said, "Let's go see the farmfields," so we did. This produce farm has a casual and lovely flowerbed. I love simple. And......we found some freshly picked corn to have for supper! What a marvelous place to stop. See what they have by clicking on the link below. 

click on image to view larger

Click on link below to see what is ready so far...


  1. beautiful sunflowers and sweet old wagon.

  2. Those are really wonderful shots! The more I see the rural settings in your photos the more I want to get away from the city. I am thinking about writing a whiney blog about work, driving and assorted annoyances living in a very congested area, particularly this week.
    I miss taking pictures but I don't want to go to any of the picturesque places because right now there will be a lot of people. I've seen enough of them this week.

  3. There's nothing like summer corn and tomatoes.