Sunday, August 16, 2015

Peaceful Day

My cane and I took a loooong walk today. Of course, I had to stop and catch my breath many times, especially when going uphill. I also had a special spot in mind where I could sit for a while and found it. The walk downhill was just as difficult because of the terrain, but I'm DETERMINED not to fall again ever! The woods up and behind the cabin were silent. Not a bird, a bug nor any other critter was to be seen or heard! It was a strange journey. The thought did pass through my mind that I could beat off a bear with my cane if I came upon one. Silly me. The woodland floor is covered with many varieties of fern.  Dew drops fell from the trees as I went along through the dense canopy. The wet gentle contact on my head and neck was nice.  I didn't take my camera nor any means of communication along; felt a bit daring–felt great! I even plucked a few wild blackberries as I traveled the ridge. The cup was carried in my pocket as I had hoped to collect something! In the long ago past I used to go on walks through the wood and have found wonderful things to behold. Today I concentrated more on my steps, but it still felt nice to be alone, secluded and at peace with all that was around me.  

Upon return I just sat on the porch swing and dried out with a tall glass of electrolyte water. My sneakers were put on the porch rail to dry in the early morning sun..... socks too. This is the life!

Maybe the next time I'll bring my camera along for the ride.


  1. glad you got in a nice walk, but i do hope you'll carry your cell phone with you (hopefully you get service).

  2. I love the way you write and describe your experiences. Makes me want to slip out and take a long stroll--if only it wasn't 800 degrees! ;) T had an excellent suggestion to take your phone with you. One can't be too careful these days. Thank you for sharing your peaceful day.

  3. It's funny just today Arlene and I were talking about the fact that aside from our two trips a year to the island we haven't gone any place else around here like we used to. No more jaunts to New Hampshire, Cape Cod, the western part of the state, to the many museums in the area and just plain beautiful spots on the north shore like Gloucester, Ipswich and Essex. All those places are very New Englandy with history and beautiful ocean spots. All within 30 miles or so. So I am looking forward to the fall as these places become even more beautiful with all the color.

    Regarding your comment on my blog about being indispensable, I know I'm not indispensable, but on the other hand such actions affect the politics of the working environment and I do have a year and a half before I can be fully free from work. Besides as much as I hated that fourth day of work, I did make the mistake of not reading the schedule entirely. I may have been able to do something about it when the schedule was first posted but on the day that I was supposed to be there it would have been a bad move on my part to tell them I was not coming in. I have to work with these people and I would hate to have to put up with some of the crap that I have seen other people go through. This is not a kinder gentler company. When the time comes, if the situation fits I will be happy to tell them where to stick it. I'm sure there's a government handbook on the subject.
    Apart from all that this was another good post, but please take your camera.