Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Weather in NE PA

Let’s Start Over!

Tuesday April 19, 2022


Sometime early in the night, I felt a strong vibration for just an instant that woke me. I thought that perhaps a tree came down up on the hillside behind the cabin; then no more sounds or vibrations. Later on, around 1:30am I heard the generator come on and there was a blinking light on the dresser clock. When I got up this morning, earlier than usual at 5:30am, the generator was still running and is, as I write this at 9am. Oops! A limb or something just came down on the metal roof and made quite a racket but I peeked out the door and saw nothing. The fresh cold air felt good! 

My yard guy might have thought he was finished with the Spring cleanup but Mother Nature says, “Nope! Not yet!”  There are small sticks and twigs everywhere. Not a car has gone by and that is a good thing. The snow looks like it is wet and mushy. The plow truck had better not come through! It will only make a muddy mucky slippery snowy mess! Well…it did!  Yikes.

It’s peaceful here. No TV, internet, telephone, traffic, and I might just get to work on more file clean-outs! 

By the way… My neighbor has a branch down and James is not happy at all out there!

Around noon my yard guy came to check on me as I have no means of communication. Yes, he did a check around and saw a medium limb down and lying on the back roof over the end bedroom. That must have been what made the noise earlier. After lunch I took my usual nap and at 3:00pm there is still no power. The generator is going strong, however. No mail, no trash pickup. 

6:00pm the cable, telephone and internet are all back BUT the power is not! Thank goodness for that generator.

I created a wild painting on the computer. It didn’t need the internet to run the application but it did need electricity.  Finished a book I was reading as well.

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I wonder WHY the power hasn’t returned—WHY? I don’t know but the news just said we may be out for three or four more days.