Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Awkward Times

For some it must be very difficult to be without power and all communication devices. My neighbor next door counts on me giving him notice when power is restored as he uses a rollaway generator for his power and has just gone to town to fill his gasoline cans. I always know when power is restored as my Generac quits when that happens. Another neighbor also likes be contacted for the same reason. It was a big expense for us back in July of 2015. There wasn't only the cost of the generator, there was a competent electrician necessary, a propane gas line extended to the equipment and a solid stone and treated wood structure for its stable placement. It really was one of the best investments we have made for living twelve months every year here as we aged. We really didn't realize how wonderful and secure we would feel when it automatically took over. I really think this is the longest in one stretch it has run and we are not out of the woods yet!

We once had a good running rollaway generator. The procedure was kind of tricky to get it to go to work. The Mister had to bring it out of storage, and get it started manually. Then, I had to turn off the house power switch in the main box and then he could plug it into the special outlet on the carport pole and flip the lever to have it take over. Gas cans had to be full and ready to replenish the supply tank when it got low. When power came back on, the procedure was reversed. It was as a pain but better than not having it at the time. 

I'm expecting my daughter to arrive soon with freezer foods and phone. They have nothing at all at home to preserve and charge - at this time. 

There are frisky winds here and the sun is out. Everyone is sure looking for the return of normalcy in the area.
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  1. We don't have one, but new neighbors do.

    What I am referring to, is the _noise_ of it running.

    But compared to not having any power, that is probably very able to be stood.

    To me, this was a weird spring happening.... But, is it not so unusual, where you live, I wonder?

    Glad you are covered!!!!!!!


    1. I don't hear it run unless I go outside. It is a good thing to hear it running.

  2. Still without power? You wonder the cause?

    1. The cause is trees down everywhere due to the heavy wet snow. We think it will be about two more days of outages.