Monday, April 25, 2022

Busy Day

My daughter took me to my dentist appointment for my bi-annual cleaning.

From there we made a stop at Rite-Aid for my calcium supplement and body lotion. I asked the lady in pharmacy if the 2nd Moderna boosters were available. Yes they were, so I filled out the paper work and had it done.
Then we went to the local hometown market and only she went in. I was wearing out with all of the activity! It's not easy for her either, as she has the need for a hip replacement. We are the two-cane ladies. At least she can drive!  Some cheese and half and half were my only current needs and we returned home. She removed her foods she had stored in my freezer and took them back. Her other cold and frozen foods were lost during the power outage and she had a really hard cleanup but got it finished. The car ride in and out really showed me all the damage with trees and limbs down in just the 5 mile area we traveled. No wonder we lost power for so long.

I called the golf car place to be sure my buggy was functioning properly on the uphill and downhill sections of the dirt road because it was different from the old 2013. He said, yes I would have to use the brake more but the battery consumption will be much less. OK with me! It still is not warm enough to go for long rides and I sure am looking forward to some. 

Daughter has the tomato seeds planted and they are starting off in her neighbor's sun dome. YAY! This image is from August last year.

That's it for today. 


  1. Glad you got out & abouut & congratulations on your new golf cart!

  2. Fresh, home grown tomatoes always makes my mouth water!! You two got chores done quickly!

  3. Hey I think I still have those seeds you gave me! I hope to plant some myslef. I need to get them going but if not this year maybe next!