Saturday, April 23, 2022

Good Earth Day Here!

We're back in business. The daffodils are blooming in the flowerbeds! Power came back 5pm Friday. Yard guy came to pick up yard debris and clean limb off of roof. Delivery of my new ride. Created a fun picture on computer.

Here are photos of the limb on the roof before he removed it and all other debris around the property. Photos courtesy of JK.

I was contemplating about calling the golf car facility to return my 2013 model from winter storage. Then I got looking at the new ones listed on the site. Oh! I then called and negotiated a deal and now have a new 2022 buggy in the carport. I have to get my flip phone (3G no service now) replaced and will take a ride. In the meantime I snatched photos from the site and created an imaginary scene. Now remember this picture below is only my photomanipulation!
This is the real thing!
To view larger tap on image


  1. How wonderful to have a new mode of transportation!!! And I am now looking forward to viewing photos from your soon to be new phone!!!!

    1. No phone photos! Just flip phone for safety. Camera photos.

  2. Hooray for everything!!!!!!!!!!

    Especially the brand new "Ride-A-Bout." Can I call it that? :-))))

    As to a very, very short hair style!!!

    1.) You have to wear it with attitude.

    2.) You have to be ready, to _not_ miss your hair.

    3.) You ask for a nearly-buzz-cut. NEARLY!

    4.) A real buzz-cut is shaved off, or about 1". I don't think you want those, all over.


  3. You are so smart! And quite the deal maker too! I love the new buggy. Your photo manipulation is fantastic. You might sell that one for an advertisement.