Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Projects Complete

This is what I did while hopping around in my kitchen mainly on one leg. I have been hankering for a pumpkin pie for several weeks now and today was the day! It was a very successful endeavor and the Mister said it was the best I've ever made! Trash Guy said he is one lucky fellow to get tastes of my bakery goods. I know he looks forward to a treat when he stops by. (crust not from scratch)
I must tell you that my cucumber project from July 12 was successful and finally in the refrigerator. We love these! I shared a sampler with a neighbor. 
The cauliflower and carrots (project of July 2) fermented in my pot for two weeks. I wasn't totally fond of the final result so turned them into a pickled variety. Maybe I didn't wait long enough. Anyway now they are fine! I'll let them marinate some more before digging in!
I'm hoping to create some yeast breakfast buns with cinnamon-sugar filling in the near future. I know I need more stamina and a stronger knee to make this but I'll do it! Yes I will! I'll share S O O O N! I'm going to take the rest of the week off - away from the kitchen to rest a little. I'm so fortunate to have friends do my laundry and grocery shopping for the time being. This is a first!

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